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As you start to take an inventory of all the important and sexy moments in the history of the six-pack, you notice something peculiar. The list of famous women with the sexy abs is incomplete, and there are no pictures of any abs in the entire list. How surprising since women tend to have less abs than men, right. There is no picture of any abs for any of these beauties, but then abs are rarely shown in movies and TV programs anyway. No movie, no TV series, no magazine, no advert or anything has depicted any of these beauties with a good and juicy looking six pack. These abs were never there to impress anyone with their beauty, they were there just so that the viewer can be aware of them. These abs were there just for the fact that they are there, their absence is just an interesting fact that they were missing from their own stories. They were all here, and they were all missing something. There is a reason why all of their abs seemed to be the same. You can only hope that you will figure it out soon. Some of these abs are hard to tell apart from each other but you manage to look at all of them and figure out how they are different. It is really time taking to see things on this scale. The list goes on forever so you have already spent two hours looking through the list. You have made this list to help you through your difficult exercise, and then you are off to the gym. You are really glad that there is no real rush when doing this. You just have time yourself to go through these abs. You finally stop in front of a woman whom you thought was missing one, but it turns out to just be a little bit larger than average. The woman has got some nice abs but they dont seem to be large enough for a six pack to be the proper word to describe them. You still havent found the abs that are missing from some of the pictures you had seen earlier, but you do find out that a woman named Kelly Brook had these abs. She actually was an athlete, but they were a little too large for her in a physical sense. There were also a couple of other women that had abs that were too small to put on a shirt. A couple of actresses also had abs that were too tiny to even have a name. You look at two pictures that looked like the best candidates that you can think of. You see the girl in the pictures, but she looks like she has gained weight. Maybe in the pictures she is wearing a bra and a bikini but it is hard to see. As it turns out, the actress in the picture has larger than average abs and.

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