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The Internet has been full of articles about the effects of deformation, but not one on the positive side. There are thousands of people who enjoy the beauty of their body, and those who dont have no choice. They cant go out to get plastic surgery. So why not try to find their own sense of beauty, instead. One of the things that makes men and women different is that people with large penises cant help but be attracted to women with large breasts. Why cant people with small penises like having their penises looked at with their eyes. They dont have to like the rest of their body to appreciate it. Just look at any celebrity with a large penis. The majority of people have had sex, and theyll probably admit to fantasizing about it at one point or another. Theres no reason why everyone cant enjoy the beauty of their own bodies. You find a video of you and your lover having fun together. You want people to love you for who YOU are. You can share the beauty of your body with the entire world, so why not share it with the world. You pull up your Instagram and you realize what you need is a video. You need to feel the feelings of someone who shares your love for your body. You can see that in the last 24 hours, youve been looking at photos of others having fun. Youre in a place where you can be completely yourself, without any judgments or distractions. The people youre enjoying yourself are actually people with small penises that you know are also in the same position of not wanting to change anything. You go to Instagram and open up a picture of your lover, and you begin to play back the moment that you were first attracted to her. You pull up her entire profile. It doesnt matter if shes tall, short, skinny, fat, or beautiful, youll search for a photo where you see her in all her glory. You dont care about the clothes shes wearing, you dont care about the people shes with, you just want to look at her. Youre looking straight into her eyes, and youre enjoying it. In just a few hours, youve found a nice set of images of her, and the perfect video for your profile. Youve got your own story to tell. You grab your phone, but before you can even start playing, you realize that youre really turned on right now.

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