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You go back and forth on whether you should try to find out the horoscopes of these celebrities, or just read up on the book for yourself. You get out of here, it feels like youre just wasting your timeYou decide to just put your feet up a bit, your mind is going for the usual things and these Virgo Rising things are getting distracting too. With your feet firmly on the ground you head back home. On your way home you come across a few oddities; A giant spider has made itself a home under the table in your familys living room. Youve decided to move out of this house, for youre not sure what to make of all the Virgo Rising stuff, but you have a feeling it isnt worth your time, as these things tend to do. As you walk home you start to walk down a street in the dead of night. You make it home in time to have a nice warm bed to sleep in tonight. The next day, your sister Caroline comes to visit you, she sees that youve been acting strange lately. She asks you whats wrong, whats on your mind, and you try to explain as best as you can, while at the same time trying to think of a way to explain away your strange behavior. As youre doing this, she takes a look at all the books you have in the living room. She thinks you dont have time to read them all, and she offers to read them for you, however she also offers that you should only read some of them and tells you which ones will be good for right now. You take her books as well as her offer. You take her booksYou take her books and as she leaves the room you realize she was right; You dont have anything to do lately. You start to head back to bed, but stop and remember you have some books that she asked you to read and you decide to read all of them. You read all of them in two hours, and feel much better. As you finish you remember you forgot to get the car keys from the night before, remember you never remember to do that, you just realize that you havent driven the car in awhile, you go to get them and take them back. You remember taking her car keys and realize you really dont need them anymore. You never really felt this good about yourself, in your life. You look down at the book you were just reading, you realize you havent gotten to the end of it yet. You then remember you need to get that car back here, because you dont have that much time left to get where ever you need to go. You go to get the car keys from the night before and ask your.

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