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I will be there next time I want hair cuts andor. You can actually get a price quote by pressing the button in the upper left corner of the screen. When you have arrived at the price, press the save buttons until you get an offer price. Now that you have the price, it is not too hard to figure out what to do. You need to decide which product, s, you are going to go with and then choose to buy it or not. Youll notice the items on display are very similar to what is available off of the shelf at the Beauty Supply Store, in that they are made from cheap, natural materials and they do not necessarily have the most incredible ingredients. You can choose to buy a single product or to try out all of the available products in the store. Since you are going to have to buy a few items, it would be good to pick a few of the items that have the greatest amount of reviews. If you have more than one person you would like to see review you on one of your product purchases, youll definitely want to choose one of the more popular items to give you a good number to work with. You do have a little more than one person to choose from though. You buy the LipstickYou pick up the lipstick and carefully run your fingertips along the flat, clear surface of the lip product. The lipstick is slightly different from the other lip products youve tried so far. This one is a lighter colour and it seems to have a very soft, delicate feel to it, almost like when you were a baby. As you continue to run your hands along the bottle, you take a closer look at the inside of the glass. You guess that the lipstick actually comes in a little vial shaped container and when you reach out and shake it, you pull out a small vial. You carefully place the lipstick vial into the little opening on the side of the lip product and pull it out, letting the vial fall to the front. You take a look inside the glass vial, then slowly, you turn it around and lift the top off the vial. Inside the little vial are four drops of what looks to be clear liquid. There is another little lip product vial inside the Lipstick vial, so it looks like you just purchased a total of four lip products, each with four drops of what looks to be blue or light blue liquid inside. You look at the tiny blue vial in your hands and you wonder if you should try some of it. You decide to give the four drops of the liquid a try since the other lip products youve purchased all had other ingredients in them.

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