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You start with a simple moisturizerYou begin with a basic moisturizer that contains a high amount of occlusive ingredients, such as petrolatum and a glycerin base. Its important to only use products with these ingredients, so you can feel 100 sure that youre staying protected. You dont have time to worry about whether youre getting enough protection to keep you feeling smooth and protected against the suns rays. You just need to wear the stuff that you think is going to keep you feeling soft. But to do that, youll need to make an initial purchase. You make a plan to pick up a lotion thats high in occlusive ingredients and a sunscreen thats high in UVB rays, so you wont need as much protection. Of course, youll still be able to get by without a complete sunblock, but you cant wear it when youre outside. So youll have an easy choice to make: If the sunscreen is at least SPF 15, you can wear it outside. If not, youll need to settle for a light-colored shirt and pants. You wonder if this is what happens when a woman puts on the right amount of protection against the sun, but you need to make up your mind about what to wear before you have to leave for work. You buy a light-colored shirt and pantsYou want to be able to wear your shirt and pants together, so you buy a light, very light fabric. The purchase is so easy: Youll blend in with the grass or dirt or whatever youll be walking on, you figure. You dont even care that this shirt smells a bit artificial. You finish up buying yourself a casual-looking shirt and pair of blue pants; youre going to look like a friendly neighbor who lives down the street. You put your new shirt in your bagYou put your shirt in your bag and begin to walk. Your feet are a little cool from the shirt of course, but you should make it on your way. So you put your hand through a pocket in your bag and take out a bottle of water. However, you notice a bottle of sunscreen sitting at the bottom of your bag that needs to be bought.

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