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You walk through the entrance to the store and you immediately notice that everyone is staring at you. The cashier says and walks towards you, this is a VIP area, youll have to go through it. I cant tell you anymore right now. The cashier doesnt say anything, so you stand in front of her and begin to walk towards the VIP area. Hey, you know what would really help. You say, suddenly stopping and looking back at the cashier. Would you please go ahead and give him a discount on his order. You walk towards the cashier and try not to make a scene. Ill just go ahead and do it now. And if something comes up, you can just come back here and tell somebody else not to mess with me. The cashier looks at you like you just said you were a psycho and looks away. You wait and see what comes upYou wait for about 20 minutes before you decide to go back inside and wait. About 20 minutes later a man you didnt recognize walks up to you and places one of the packages on the table, right in front of you. So I just save the coupon and then bring it to the cash register to get a discount. For convenience sake, everyone comes here to save their coupons. Then they can just make sure to save them well. Thats why we have people come here. We have lots of people coming in and out of our store. Some of them are just here to get the coke.

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