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You cancelYou shrug dismissively and head home. D never be able to make this ridiculous claim. Re doing is incredibly stupid, and that you will end up in some sort of legal predicament, probably very nasty and possibly even deadly. You return home to your family and try to keep their spirits up. You have a small party each year to celebrate the sale of your bunny shack. Your parents are quite relieved that they can now sell it to pay for your tuition. Your older brother Ben is a great big hit at the parties. He has all sorts of wild ideas for future entertainment and adventures that he wants to pursue. Sometimes he even tries to convince you to join him on some of those trips. You know that if only for academic reasons, you would never go with him, but you realize that the thrill of risk is appealing to you. You are happy living in the bunny shack; it is truly a place of joy. As you get older, you begin to think about other options. You know well enough by this point that your options are limited. S about as good as a bunny shack can get. In the year that has passed since your sale of your bunny shack, something has changed. Several people you know have left the town. All tell the same story and none of them are particularly surprised. They say that they no longer feel safe in this town, and as much as you do, you are no longer young enough to leave now. And you tell them that you will leave as soon as possible. For now you continue to party at the bunny shack, but something in you is no longer having fun. You begin to worry, and it is with a great deal of relief that you realize that you have no idea what to do now. How many people need to leave before something changes.

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