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You are a good person and will make a great fisherman. You should stop talking about yourself, right now. You think about being a fisherman all the time, but it just doesnt seem to be in your nature, so you leave it out of your thoughts and just go about doing things as they come. The next day you are walking along the shore, your boat tied to a tree. You notice that your friend from last year is no longer around. He just moved on to do other things. His name is Chris, and he was your first love in life. The only thing you ever talk about is fishing and what you will catch next. You never talk like you did before. Like you used to before you met Chris. You used to be more engaging when you were fishing with him. When you thought you were actually having fun out here, instead of sitting around wondering what you just did wrong. You are not Chris anymore, you are not Tom, you are not any of the people you once were. Now is it really that hard for you to just keep your thoughts to yourself. You dont want anyone to listen to or care about you when you are fishing. Besides, you arent going to catch anything. You stand in silence, trying to find some way to break the silence that your mind has developed. Something just seems to be keeping you from talking to yourself. Something as simple as thinking of yourself as doing something else or as yourself. You are not like Chris, you are not Tom, you are not any of the people you once were. Now is it really that hard to see that you are just a person, just like everyone else. You are not a bad person who has done something horrible, you dont deserve to be lonely and sad.

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