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You leave the computer room to see if Julie is still working at the computer. S only then you see Julie, she looks a bit frazzled. M just feeling extra alert right now. She says and then you notice something a little odd. Are you actually doing something other than reading the paper or updating the Facebook page. Ve already got a lot on my mind. I got more shit to check off my list today anyways. S really important stuff right now. Julie takes a deep breath and starts to talk. S still a lot different than back home. But as I said, I still got my normal life going on and I have to put that aside so I can focus on fighting the good fight. So do you need my help. Ve faced your fears all your life. I mean you even tried to kill me before you said you wanted to be by yourself more. I know that, but you mentioned something about something different happening.

Information about Weird facts about celebrities