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Youre not really sure why youd change the plan if its this good, but at least you can start saving up now. You go to the website, pick out what you want, and choose a variety of shades. You order your order, and pay, but you dont really get around to packing it up and putting it in the mailbox until the following week, and then you rush into work. You dont manage to finish your days work before youre called in to see a group of men in suits. The first thing they do is shove a stack of magazines in front of you, then put a tape in front of your mouth. Then they take you into a back room where the rooms basically a glorified telephone booth. One of them presses a button and the tape flips open, and they tell you to say the phrase, Bread, eggs, milk, sugar and jam, followed by the number 5. Youre basically being made to say something that sounds like this:Hello. This is the Bread, Eggs, Milk, Sugar and Jam factory, coming to. Before you can finish, a voice comes through the radio saying, Your commands have been received. We should be able to make bread, eggs, milk, and sugar and jam in fifteen minutes. Now, say the five-word phrase Bread, Eggs, Milk, Sugar and Jam. You can barely say one word. You can hardly repeat it faster yourself.

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