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A new one every other month or so for the past ten years. I mean, they certainly wouldnt be more popular than the likes of christians and jews, let alone muslims. With a bit of thought, you think about the fact that muslims are the largest religious group on earth or at least as large as it gets muslims are generally fairly peaceful, if very religious, and muslims are generally much wealthier than the rest of humanity, in addition, muslims generally have a sense of honor, usually more so than any of the others in any genre. You then think about how muslims generally dont get attacked by other religious groups, though some do. Then you ask yourself, if not attacked, is there a culture of tolerance and coexistence that would prevail. If you were the sort of guy who took pleasure in violence for the sake of violence, then yes, you might have a different answer:How about a few Muslim suicide bombers. You ignore the terrorist aspect and play to your fansYou decide to ignore the terrorists aspect, and play to your fan base. You go on to say that you are not really concerned with who is involved in the attack as long as their deaths are not in vain. This is the sort of thing that makes me think that you are not actually a fan of violence. You are too busy playing the part of Muslim martyr. Hahaha, well, you know nothing about your own religion. You continueThough your speech to the press seems at first, like you are mocking the idea of jihad, as well as the fact that you are doing it for money. You try to explain that even the most fanatical muslims would say, it is not right to fight the oppressors. They would also say, it is our duty to defend our faith. You would say, They are killing innocent people. You continueThis only causes more skepticism; you are not making friends here. You go on to say that it is not the terrorists that you are worried about, but rather the media portraying them as heroes and your fellow citizens who are not standing up to the muslims. You then continue to say that you are really worried about the Muslim population in the UK. You say that the number of Muslims here is going to be the equivalent of 3 or 4000 of them here. You do not add, just put it as a huge number and say, If the media portrayed them as a.

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