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You open the envelope and its filled with a bunch of pills and a bunch of tubes. The drug that saves us is a prescription medicine called Xanax. It gives a feeling of calmness and peace and well being. Its a powerful drug, but we can get it without a prescription. If you have any questions, please contact any of the pharmacies located near you. The next morning you take the drug and suddenly the world becomes peaceful. You go to sleep and when you wake up you find that you never felt so peaceful. When you leave the clinic, its like nothing happened. You feel so powerful, like you are actually in control of your life again. You feel like you could take over the world. You never thought you would feel this good and use this drug, but here it is. Now you are going to go out and start taking over the world. You look around and see another person sleeping in this room, although heshe isnt completely sleeping. HeShe has long hair like yours, but is much older, possibly middle-aged, although they arent wearing any sort of clothes. There are other people in this room, but they arent people you know, or even people you recognize. You ask them what they are doing here, and they respond that they dont know. This is their home, but since they are unable to work and live off of their savings, they stay here in this room and dont go out. They say that they are a spirit, and are trapped in each others bodies. You dont know what happens when spirits are in each others bodies, you just know that they arent able to die. The spirit responds by talking to you and you tell himher your name, and that you are only here to help. HeShe tells you they wont stay here for very long, and that they need your help in order to escape. You tell the spirit to stay the night, but it seems like you are the only one who has the ability to stay here. You feel like you must act now, before the spirit escapes or you die. You also wonder if the spirit has the ability to do this to others, but it hasnt happened yet. You stay here all nightYou decide to stay here for the night, because this is your home and you dont want to have to leave in the morning. It is also a small one room house and the basement is dark and cold.

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