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And so it is with the recent announcement that the French director Guillermo del Toro will direct and star in a new Pacific Rim pic that is still very much in the works and has yet to even get a release date. The film is the first of four planned films in the franchise, and it does sound like there will be more than one major international cast addition; del Toro is working to bring in Japanese actor Rinko Kikuchi for the film, who has an extensive history of playing strong female characters in films. Kikuchis characters in the past have always been the main support in films, and the fact that shes been cast in one of the movies that will be the prequels to the main franchise is a good sign that shell be well-suited to the role and will make an excellent addition to the movie. The idea of two major franchises is something thats been explored in recent years with films like The Hunger Games and Transformers movies with their action-packed nature and high profile castings of major Hollywood A-listers, but the Rise of the Planet of the Apes films were still relatively low-key affairs. Thats why del Toros decision to make a high-profile movie that also has a big budget, and a movie thats high profile, but is also a bit more light-hearted and has smaller-scale in terms of the story and scope makes so much more sense to all involved. In other news, Pacific Rim will probably also feature a lot of CG effects and special effects, and hopefully, they wont be too far off from what they were used in the two The Hobbit movies with Peter Jackson. Its nice to see that a studio is looking for ways to keep up production of this sort of movie and make a higher-caliber movie, but at the same time, theres been talk about whether or not the movies should be filmed in 3-D, or if they should be just released in 2-D, or even if the studios should be making these movies themselves. Are you excited to see del Toro bring the world of Pacific Rim to the big screen. Would you like to see an all-CG version of Pacific Rim as well. Czech president Milos Zeman has called upon immigrants in his country to stop trampling on the customs and traditions of the people. His comments follow the murder of 77 people at a gay club in Orlando in the United States. On Friday night, a gunman opened fire at the nightclub, killing at.

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