Frends Beauty was founded in 1940 by the original owner Sig …

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The two of you will work together to make the most out of your newfound friendship. The location of the beauty supply store is a secret for now, but soon you two will be able to freely travel there. You will become the owner of the beauty supply store. Ve made a living off what you enjoy for quite a long time. T understand why you might not want to hang out with me. Re going to do something fun and exciting. Like going to the fair, or playing hide and seek and so on. M not YOUR personal shopping elf, I already gave that up years ago. Ve already said I should stay home doing nothing. T offered me any new idea about what we can do. Oh, but what would you do then. M not going to put up with you ever being an asshole again. You and Fyvuk walk to a tree by the river and look at the stars until you see a hawk fly overhead, then you continue to walk. You both enjoy your quiet time together on the bank of the river. Re going to celebrate one of your happy endings. In your day to day life you keep on being yourself, but sometimes you wish you could spend more time with Fyvuk. You think about the time you spent together and how everything turned out. You think how you hope someday you could spend more time with Fyvuk.

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