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A few years ago my sister and my brother-in-law were driving and they were pulled over by a policeman and they were told to pull over. My sister got out of the car and he asked her where she was going and where she lived. She said she lived in a suburb of the city and that her family lived in that suburb. He then asked her to show him her residence but she wouldnt. He then asked her to show him her drivers license and she did. He also said he needed to see her other identification which she provided. It wasnt long after this that my sister was released without being charged. When the officer was done with her, he said she was very compliant since she was afraid of possible arrest. My father was a cop for 20 years and he never once took a citizen for failure to comply. Im not a citizen of the United States and I certainly dont support it, but I can honestly say I never have, never will, and never will support a criminal. In my opinion, Hollywood has become nothing more than a breeding ground for degeneracy, drugs, and crime. Thats what it does, doesnt really change anything and certainly doesnt help the people who are involved in it. I will say this, I am a registered Republican and this guy sure is the real deal. The reason why Ive never been a fan of celebrities supporting a political party is because like all such people they have a conflict of interest. The first is they have a vested interest in being seen to support that party because that increases their own personal popularity by association. Then, the second is the media is owned by that party and they will generally give that party the benefit of the doubt since they provide the advertising for those ads, and sometimes the reporters as wellThe third is the media is essentially owned by that party itself. I hate this country and I hate the people who live here and I hate these degenerates that run this country, but they are not the solution. If you care at all about the future of this nation, it is time that you stopped blaming everyone who isnt you, and start taking responsibility for your own failures. For example, why do you always put yourself down like you were so much better when in reality you were very mediocre. Why then did you have so many failures in your life. If you could just change yourself from a pathetic loser into the kind of person that inspires others to be better, then that alone would make.

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