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You think to yourself, that is some inspirational book. You close the book and give it to your coworker. He looks at you and gives a strange look. He smiles and gives you a strange look. Your coworker then goes off to his office and goes to go get a drink, while you sit there in silence. The sun is setting and the night is starting to fall and you are still thinking about that book. When you grow up youre planning to open a gaming shop, a restaurant and a bar. But who knows, maybe youll even start your own company in the not so distant future, where then youll be rich. There are so many great ideas in there. Ideas that can make you rich, ideas that can make you famous, ideas that can even save you from dying. Yeah, well you know what I always say. It may be the stupidest thing I ever said, but I said I always know whats going on behind peoples eyes. Im just trying to help you out by making myself look like a big idiot. The man laughs, then he says to you,Alright, alright, I cant believe it. Well, I guess this is what the big city would be like. Ive been here for a while and I havent even seen the best part yet. This big guy continues to walk along in silence. You ignore himIgnore him; hes just a guy in the street. Your coworker doesnt speak much English and this man is an idiot. You dont care to listen to him even if he had any idea of what he just said. This isnt the first time a guy has acted the same way towards you and you just get annoyed. He takes a seat in a corner, then while looking at his book he closes it. Suddenly, he looks at you again and says,What. Oh, I just wanted to make myself look like a fool.

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