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This one of a-kind photo setPhotobombYou click on the last one in the set and the title bar, which is showing the same picture you clicked on, reads:This photo might cause you to LOL:This photo should make you LOL:You click on the last photo in the set, which makes you laugh:Happily, you delete the photo and the rest of the links. Perhaps you will not need them once you are back in school, you figure. Not that you actually needed a reason to go. You are ready, and youre hoping the kids are, too. You are greeted by bright, shiny, and slightly scary-looking uniforms. The kids you are walking with look back and smile at you. Im gonna be first in so many things. Lets go get some ice cream. You wave to one child after another until you get to your destination. You look at your backpack, which is slightly. But Ive been telling you, this is going to be a good school; its better than your old one. Yeah, well Im not just thinking about school; Im thinking about college for me and when I get to it, I want the world to be a better place. This is what this town needs; a place where I can go, meet people of like mind, learn things, try new things, have fun, and have some good old fashioned fun. I hope you find yourself a place just like me, son, your mom replies. You say, waving goodbye as you walk to catch the bus to school. As soon as you exit, you realize youre in the middle of a little pre-school. The building looks like a typical one you might find at least in your town. The inside of the building looks like that too, though, because there are.

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