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In the middle of this long list of gay people, I noticed the word BJ next to gay people. How interesting, Im a bit surprised to see BJ next to homosexual people, then I check out the list and I see Im not the only one I said while scratching my head. As I said, it seemed to take a while for the list to load, which was quite annoying to say the least. This list is so long that its taking me forever to load I was complaining. But its actually a long list, it just took a while to load, no big deal a voice told me. Sorry man, Ill ask again, youre soooooo pissed about this bullshit, is there any chance to not have to deal with all these fucking lists. Its not that bad, it took ages, but I can deal with it, I can take it I assured him. Ok he sighed, and clicked a few times on the list. The page I was on loaded, and the page was a list of gay men, each with a number from 1 to 6. You cant be gay, you dont have a number he stated, which I didnt take too well. How can you assume that Im gay if I dont. Well, I dont think youre gay, but if you click any of the letters of the alphabet, youll get the following information, you need to click the letters corresponding to each letter of the alphabet to see what they mean for a gay personBut I clicked the letter G for gay, I didnt get anything from itThats because you clicked the G and clicked it again, so the page could load fasterI didnt understand that, after all I clicked it for the first time, why did it take so long for me to click the next letter. I clicked the G for gay, why doesnt the list now say that Im gay. I complained and tried to click the remaining letters on the list again to see if I would get any info. Well, when a page loads and loads and loads, it takes time to see how many pages are left for it, it takes a lot of time and RAM for that tooI was quite annoyed, and began to click the other letters on the list, while he was explaining things:You might.

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