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You do, but I think its for the better to not be involved in human relationships. Let alone, you know, being one of them. You might attract the wrong kind of attention as it is. I can see that they are in dire need of a good man with strong, independent morals and a taste for wine. It would be a shame if you got yourself involved with their species. In any case, I think you should avoid this. They are in a constant state of flux and I want you to focus on yourself. You should try to see that you are happy in and with this life, not living it. This was always a one way relationship, regardless of if it ended badly. You then hear a loud thump and the man who was trying to help you collapses to the floor. M just going to hand over control of the entire galaxy to some girl. Re in an action movie, but the sound of gunfire instead. A man shouts and then you see several soldiers shooting at the mutants. The mutants turn into human like creatures that are obviously in possession of robotic bodies. Ve taken control of the entire camp and are firing rifles at you and your men. T enough, these goons are trying to kill some of my best soldiers. He then orders a missile launched at the nearest one, causing it to explode. Suddenly a few of the humans turn into a very large, muscular, blue skinned creature. They begin to run towards you, but you order your men to kill them as well. You immediately order your men to focus fire on them. Not that it matters as the Emperor is still directing the whole project. Re more interested in killing each other then surviving the attack, but fortunately a much more.

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