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But I can tell your review has gotten more interested. Its the small purple package that you always received from the GBS. The envelope is very heavy, and tapers off in a narrow line. Inside its wrapped is the small purple package, and a small box thats the same grey color as the envelope it fits into. The contents inside the envelope is sealed:From the GBS, Thank you for your order for dinner. You smile at the note, and give a smile to the lady whose face is now back with her usual calm face. You take the dinnerYou open the envelope and take out the package inside. You place it down inside the box, before opening the container to see the dinner inside. The dinner looks a little more elaborate and elaborate than any meal youve ever had. It looked like the chef put his heart and soul into every single dish he made, trying to figure out a cooking method that will make it taste best. After looking over a bit, you take out the dessert case. The next case is filled with the various bottles and bottles. It looks like something that could be for a spa or a beauty salon. The label on them all say beauty or spa in small letters. The next case has a few things that you cant identify. The next case is more of just medicine than anything else. The last case has a lot of pills and medicines you cant remember the purpose of them. Now that you have the three cases, you close them with a few more layers. You close the boxes with what looks to be a big, heavy lock. You open the envelope to find the note from the GBS. You look inside the envelope, and see the contents:From GBS, Thank you for ordering the dinner. The GBS is smiling at the note, as you smile back. You say to yourself while putting down the dinner. You take out the flowersYou look over the case, as the flowers are in the flower pot by the side of the case. You smile as you notice their beautiful colors. They look like the ones that would be associated with a nursery. You take them out to place them in the large purple box.

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