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As one might know, the term non-binary is a more inclusive term for those whose gender identity does not align with the binary. The term is used to refer to people whose gender identity does not conform to that of the traditional binary definition of manwoman or malefemale. These people may identify as transgender, or may identify as neither, or they may identify as genderqueer or mixed gender, e. G gender variantAs non-binary people continue to come forward and speak out, we are learning about the diversity and richness of non-binary identities. I cant categorically call myself male or female. In fact, there is nothing that I consider female or that I consider male. Im not strictly a girl or a non-binary person, but its a tricky line to walk. I do not identify as male or female, but rather as a non-binary or genderqueer person. I identify as neither, more of a non-binary, genderfluid individual. Though it might not be the most accurate term, I often use it to refer to a gender that is somewhere in-between man and woman. Im a non-binary individual who was assigned female at birth but has felt like a man at times and a woman at others. I think of myself as a gender fluid person, genderless, it could be anybody. I used to be a guy, but then I realized I was agender at the time. So Ive always been a person whos not defined by one label. Im not really a binary, Im kind of a mix of everything, Keough says. Ive gone through some gender transitions. And my journey has always been of trying to understand.

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