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You think you see the shadow of an opening now, the way he was staring at you before. You follow the shadowsHe is still staring at you, but he is turning away. The shadows have not been entirely true in all this, but maybe there is some truth in it all. Just like he is turning away now. You are not quite sure, but you do know that they will be back. Maybe not now, but when things are not as steady anymore. Maybe it is not you that can save them, but the others. You make your way into the dark forest where you find the four of you, your new companions. You all have one thing in common, the dark tale to tell. Another way is to get into the house and then you could try to hurt him before then. Suddenly one of the other two says,I dont know why they would kill him. He was taking money from them or something, someone else says. Oh, I dont like the sound of that, the leader of the group says, We need to find out what happened. If he runs now and the robbers are still here, maybe they were planning to kill him. If we wait any longer, they might have escaped to the street. We cant know what happens when the other man enters the house. Are they planning to let him go, maybe kill him and take all his money or do you think they are going to kill him and let him go, they plan to keep all the money. You all sit down into your chairs and wait for what will come next. You are going to the mans house, he might be able to tell you what happenedYou go across the dirt road and look for a street. You do not know which one, but you have to find out what happened to the man there. You all start to walk across the road and as you walk you pass through fields of grain and grass which contrasts against the dark brown of the road. Suddenly you stumble over one of the plants and fall to the ground. You are not sure if you are injured right now, but you just know that you are hurt. You could get up right away, or you could just lie down there until the sun.

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