Getting dangerous Martin Lewis wife Lara Lewington details struggles with eyesight

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Lara Lewington, 42, told her followers on Twitter about her struggle to read in the dark yesterday. The presenter detailed that she thinks it might be getting “dangerous”.

This is getting dangerous, I think the reading glasses may be coming…

Lara Lewington

Lara said: “First it was struggling to read in the dark, now I’m struggling to read the social media posts I’m writing on my phone…

“This is getting dangerous, I think the reading glasses may be coming…

“I’m not bothered, this is all fine.

“Totally fine.”

Lara wrote the post to her 47,000 followers and they were quick to reply with advice.

User Roger_boz said: “Or increase the font size!!”

To which Lara replied: “Knew someone would reply that, may do so to prolong the denial.”

Peachyfruitcake said: “Some of us have had to wear glasses since small children – it’s no big deal.”

Other fans took a different view, and tried to make Lara feel better about her situation.

Antjo187 said: “Embrace it!

“There are some fabulously stylish classes out there to have some quality varifocals in so you don’t need to put specs on and off all the time OR some wonderful contact lens options to reduce dependency on reading glasses.

“Speak to your local independent opticians.”

Justinbones said: “I reached that stage 18 months ago.

“Totally tried blaming the lights not being bright enough or normal glasses not powerful enough.

“But nope… I’m just that old!!”

Lara is a tech journalist and co-presents the BBC show Click, alongside Spencer Kelly.

She joined the show as a reporter in 2011, and has been co-hosting since 2018.

Click is a BBC television programme covering technology news and recent developments in the world of technology and the internet.

Lara was previously a weather presenter for Channel 5 news.

She has also been called upon by Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, BBC Breakfast and Radio 5 Live.

You can watch Click on the BBC News Channel on Saturdays, Sundays and Thursdays.

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