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Youre the one whos ready to leave and are in fact about to, but youre not going to just stand around with no purpose. Well, you could just go back to your room and read through the guide yourself, you dont really have the time to read through it right now, youre trying to do more than that right now. Glad to see youve joined us, now start reading. You hear Miss Klytons voice shout as you close the door to the Salon and enter the large salon areas. Theres a large lounge area, a small dressing area with mirrors all over the walls, a small mirror chamber area, a large mirror lounge area, a large mirror storage room and then finally just a mirror chamber area, you cant help but notice that the mirror rooms are all mirror-based. Theres an area where you can try on each dress yourself. You ask as you try on a long purple dress. The dress is a lovely bright purple with flowers all over it, but you notice it doesnt match your hair. You quickly try on another dress that fits your hair better, but even that doesnt make it exactly as youd like it. Yes, you hear Miss Klyton reply as she guides you through the mirror rooms. All you need to do is try on each dress. I told you, it takes very little effort at all, so why not take the chance today. Miss Klyton replies, continuing to guide you. I need to study for my exam, you say to her, taking a seat. Youll have time for that too, now start on your first dress. At first your nervousness about the whole mirror-life is overwhelming, but you soon find you have to make a decision: you can either waste more time on finding new dresses, or you can focus on practicing for your exam. You practiceYou set out to practice a couple of tasks you know you have to perform. The first is to practice pressing the buttons on the door, for it was on the list of things youd have to do on the test. You were doing a lot better at it on the second try, but you were getting pretty fed up with it when you realized you didnt really have time to practice it. I know its important to you, but Id advise against wasting your time on something that wont help you in the exam, she says.

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