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O You have the standard of beauty, so you ride Stefanos Tsitsipass over the fame of Roger Federer in the Olympic Games. You are one of the twelve rulers, and you rule over a large group of your island. They have not developed any kind of civilization. They are very primitive and their society is one of primitive. Their civilization is not advanced enough to create a society for intelligent life and they are not advanced enough to create a society of machines because they do not think. You are pleased with the peaceful life you live but you realize that you need to improve your civilization. One day you notice a small boy who is playing with fish. You want to catch the boy to teach him to respect the Serpulisians. However, when you take him away from the village, he runs away. This boy is quite small and he becomes a problem in the village. One day you find that he has escaped from the island as he hides away in the temple of Serpulis. You capture the boyYou could capture the boy. The boy could teach you how to respect Serpulis the Serpulician. However, you dont wish to hunt the boy. He could teach you that a little child can be a very dangerous thing. You capture the boyYou grab the boy and you tell him to go and never return. You dont have any more time to teach him. He runs off and you take him to your island. The Serpulicans can teach no more to you. You look at the young boy as he runs out of the village and suddenly a large snake comes out of nowhere. It begins to eat you while it chases the boy. THE ENDWhile you do not know what to expect, you are happy that your father will be happy with the news that you have been elected one of the rulers of your island. Yes, it took everything you had to winYou are very happy because you have the support of your father. I am proud of the island too, and we will get things going forward.

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