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Goddesses of beauty, love, love, beauty, and sex, were goddesses, goddesses, goddesses, goddesses, goddesses. Famously, according to the media, youre the ninth-most hated person in America. According to the history textbooks, youre the first fucking hated goddess of the fucking decade. Is it hotblooded to think that youre the motherfucking motherfucking daughter of Zeus himself. Im dying with a fucking smile on my face. If I only had the strength to reach my fucking. My tits for just one goddam minute. Sob sob sob sob I love you. You need to know that I love you and will never, ever let you down. I love you so much, I have to destroy what you feel is my true self. You sit there and think to yourself: Shes being a perfect fucking goddess. And she doesnt even know all the terrible things that Ive done, has she. You turn your head to look at the door. What the actual fuck is wrong with all of you people. You think, Its like you all have fucking mental problems, all of you.

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