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If there is anything more to the famous saying about a picture being worth a thousand words, the above review is worth a million. And that is the real reason why gel moisturizer is so loved. There are other ingredients that work to hydrate your skin, but nothing can beat pure water itself; gel moisturizers are made specifically to hydrate your skin so that it doesnt feel tight or dry. Gel moisturizers are great for all skin types and its only right that women should have the luxury of using them on their faces. Lets take a look at the advantages of gel moisturizers as opposed to cream moisturizers:Natural moisturizingCoconut oilMoisturizing and natural ingredients make gel moisturizers appealing and appealing moisturizing makes gel moisturizers appealing. The two go hand and hand and if youre going to spend any money on a moisturizer, you want to make sure that its natural and if possible organic. Which means no artificial fragrance, color, or sweeteners to name a few, Anti-agingHydrating skin works. Eco-friendlyThere are so many natural ingredients in this moisturizers, or any moisturizer for that matter, that the fact that its made with organic oils or greases makes it feel so much more luxurious. How to Use Gel MoisturizerGel moisturizers can be applied to face, hands, or body with an appropriate amount of them. There is no exact amount of gel that you need to apply, but that depends on how much moisture you want to feel. You want your skin to be feeling fresh and hydrated before applying any other moisturizer on your face or body. Gel moisturizers are not meant to be worn as an all over moisturizer like Vaseline or baby oil. Youll see that the gel moisturizer has a watery consistency with a little bit of a gel texture to it. I personally like gel moisturizers that have a little bit of a pearlescent sheen to them. You can add a bit more of any essential oils to this moisturizer to create a unique skin scent. Im talking about herbal essential oils here, not synthetic ones. I get all my essential oils from my own natural products, not from a bottle because I like it that way Now lets discuss how we can utilize this wonderful moisturizer thats been on your face for the last two days. Cream MoisturizerGel moisturizer can be used anywhere on your face, except for your eyes and lips, and even on your hands. Gel moisturizers are a good option for dry areas of your face since they hydrate all your skin at.

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