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Were so old that our technology has declined. We have found a way to harness the suns energy to power our technology, but it takes a certain kind of person to accomplish this. You will be trained as a Solarium operative and given every opportunity to be a valuable leader in the Solarium. DoctorAfter a little more discussion, the Solarium is located and the first train to it arrives. Inside it, you see about a dozen of the most physically and mentally fit dwarves. The first couple of days they arent exactly making eye contact with you, but they all seem to get on with you soon. One or two even start talking to you in Dwarvish, but its really pretty basic: greetings, introductions, and such. You begin to make friends with them and in one week they all make you a little more comfortable too. The next few weeks are a bit hard and youre getting tired but then you get to work. During the week you work in a large room filled with many machines. The whole place is huge, even if theyve only got a few years of experience, so your room, which has a little more furniture and a big table instead of a small table and chair, is a little easier to take on than those made by the rookies. A week of your life is basically spent in a giant furnace, or rather inside one of the furnaces. You make fire as necessary and work like a maniac. After two weeks, youre exhausted, but you get better and better at what you do. Your training and being in the furnace are combined to create a powerful combination. For the rest of your life you will be a Solarium operative. After your training, you are assigned your first task. You are to gather together all the Solarium operatives in your group. For all the rest in your group, be ready for anything else they might get ready for. A few of them dont, but most of them are ready to go. After one week of training, you all set out for the Solarium. Your mission is a success and you all successfully gather outside the Solarium and hide behind the walls of the fort. Some loud, almost demonic, voice coming from far in the distance. Nobody knows what it is but there is more than enough time to prepare, you just.

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