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Is always original and I can always make a svelk person look pretty. You say to yourself as you put some of your new product on her face. You say to yourself as you leave the house. You get home and tell your wife that we are probably going to have to get used to using this product, since her face is not quite the same as your own and since she is not a Maskcara, she may or may not get it. You get back up and head to work. You are exhausted after this days activities and you cant even remember the last time you are able to do this. It is something you have wanted to try but never had the opportunity to. You spend your remaining time in bed with a sore arm. Your wife is also exhausted and does not bother with the mask. She is very tired but not as tired as you are. You cannot imagine why, since you are a Maskcara and should be at your best performance possible. T know how much longer you can do this. All the work you are doing is very tiring and it is just a matter of time before you will have a heart attack. You think back to the time you first met the Mistress. In fact, that was the first time you ever worked under a Maskcara. Ve imagined it at the time, but you never thought you would meet someone as beautiful as her. You remember her better the second time. You do your very best for your wife and your newborn. At the end of the day, your wife falls asleep. You are too tired and too happy that you can only think about one thing. You have made your wife extremely happy in everyway. Your wife and son are the most prized and sought after creatures in the land. You are a Maskcara and you are loved and respected by everyone. As you drift off to sleep, you begin to feel the effects of your mask. You suddenly become tired and you have headaches. You know you have already been hit with the Maskcaras first hit in a long time. You may be a Maskcara now, but you still have more to go before you are truly happy. You begin to think you may not be able to stay with your wife and son in their care. You begin to feel an uncharacteristic fear of being away from them. You have been with them so long before, and you know when they are going to want to leave you be.

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