He appeared as the guest host on WWEs RAW …

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You can you say have the advantage for sure. You make a joke about itYou do a little bit about it. This situation is definitely not what you thought it was gonna be. You are surprised with this realization, being a pro wrestling fan that is. You didnt think that you could meet a girl in this world that is really into wrestling. You accept her proposalYou accept her proposal. She is the first person you met in your lifetime. As you enter the room, you suddenly hear knocking. You go closer to the door and see the knocker is a kid. You open the door and discover the girl youve been looking for. She is a cute girl about your age wearing a white dress with a matching veil. Her hair is a bit messy and she has bags under both eyes. In a more natural way, you can understand her. Since youre still here, Ill stay. The girl takes your hand and leads you to the living room and the sofa. After that, she holds you tightly to her and whispers into your ear. You answer in a serious tone of voice, a bit surprised. Would you marry me if I said yes. No matter how much she is a fake, you still want to marry her. Ill marry you when you come to the ring, okay. You say Lets go to the ringYou nod. There is a man standing there with an American wrestler.

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