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There are some who never return to life, but for the other half of this world it is often enough to make the ordinary year seem almost boring. The United States largest-ever test of a hypersonic weapon is set to occur on a launch pad in New Mexico this month. The weapon, known as the High Speed Strike Weapon, or Hy-Speed Strike, is designed to deliver a nuclear warhead to any target in the world within a matter of minutes. But its still a long way from being ready to be deployed. And there are only two of the devices in existence, both of which are being prepared for the test: one is in Colorado and the other is in New Mexico. Each has its own history and quirks: The one thats in Colorado is an 8. 4-foot-tall, 500-pound device made by General Atomics and installed at a test range in the Colorado town of Fort Greely before the Cold War. 5-foot-tall, 330-pound device made by Raytheon and installed at a test range in the town of White Sands. Both devices are being deployed in March in preparation for the April 12 test. Both test devices are equipped with a modified General Atomics Patriot missile-defense system to intercept a ballistic missile if one were to threaten their own launch. If the test goes according to plan, the missile defense will be switched over to the Hypersonic Weapon. Both types of weapons are designed to be able to reach targets beyond the ability of current missiles to reach. A 100-mile-per-hour weapon on a Patriot missile can do the job, if a target is far enough away that missiles currently cant reach. But the Hypersonic weapons, according to some reports, would be able to travel at 10 times that speed. That would allow them to reach much further into space, potentially reaching a target much faster than a ballistic missile. Theyd also be able to bypass most of the defenses that are in place currently, like the anti-ballistic missile systems that dont shoot down missiles, but instead intercept them if theyre headed towards Earth. 3 billion contract to build a new class of Air Force spy planesHypersonic weapons are considered more likely to be used than nuclear weapons, though there are no official plans to do so. Nuclear war wasnt an option during the Cold War. Those days are long over, and technology like hypersonic weapons is making those years a distant memory. When asked what his reaction is to people who are concerned about the potential use of missiles to strike a target.

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