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There may be some Celebrities, who are gay or bisexual, and are yet to come out. Keep checking back for more updates to the Living Celebrities, coming soon, coming soon to you. This list of Living Celebrities Coming Out 2018. The new video game console, the Xbox One X, was officially unveiled at this weeks E3, and a number of analysts and journalists have been playing the game-changing machine since its reveal, but the first video game to run on the system has been released. The game is Doom, the legendary 1988 shooter by id Software, the makers of Wolfenstein 3D. The game ran on the original Xbox in 2007 and on the PlayStation 3 in 2011, and now it is being used on a machine built for gaming. An important improvement here, given that the Xbox One X was developed with 4K graphics in mind. It is the first time a game that was originally meant for consoles has been ported to PCs. But it is also the first time that a game has been ported to the new Xbox and its accompanying software, since the system was launched in 2015. With Doom, the creators of the beloved and critically successful game have joined a small group of original game developers who have successfully ported their games to the new console. An online petition calling for Google to remove a video that purports to be a Muslim call to prayer online has garnered more than a million signatures in the past 24 hours. The petition, launched by former British soldier Paul Chambers, appeared on the sites homepage on Thursday and is calling for YouTube to remove the video, Please help block the call to prayer from being played in my local park, which he says has been viewed more than one million times. The petition also says that Chambers would like to make it absolutely clear that his call to prayer video is not promoting or inciting any hatred towards any group of people and he asks that the clip of this prayer be taken down or disabled. In a press release, Chambers said he first saw the video online in March and he had wanted to see the video removed since then. He told HuffPost UK that he has a good job, a house and two kids which means he cant afford to watch it on a regular basis. Google clearly has a liberal left bias and it is now blocking, not protecting, my free speech rights. I have been trying to get it removed on and off for months, with no luck. I am still hoping someone from the company is standing by me. Chambers has also complained to the Advertising Standards Authority, but the ASA said they could.

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