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As this is the most appropriate title for what you are about to send to your IG, you know you have to get a bit creative and funny here which is why you are going to add the following description before you send it in:To my IG-friend,As you probably noticed, I have been getting tons of pics sent to my twitter account in the form of photos of my lovely body in various bikinis and swimwear. So now that you know that I am actually NOT naked, I thought I would share my collection to the world and in my own cute photos form. Also, because there is nothing funnier than a naked female posting bikini pics, I have included an image from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and put a cute version of it of my IG photo. Thank you for the pic,Camille KostekSports Illustrated Swimsuit,You then type out the new email you have received and put it in your IM client, just to ensure you are sending it to your intended recipient. -Your IG-friendMandyWith that you decide to check your IG for new pics. Re thinking you better get started on at least another 6 photos before you do so. You have on your IG telling you to delete your IG. This is a direct order from your IG friends, delete your account NOW. You could get blocked or your account could be deleted. Then you delete the IG, only to be blocked again. But then you remember you need to get your mind off of things by playing some games. With each passing day, you continue to add more photo to your IG.

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