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Jennifer Mae Hayes Jennifer and her boyfriend had a brief relationship in the late 70s, then the relationship fell apart and shes been single ever since. The best she can do is get that natural beauty look shes always had and add a few make-up enhancements, along with more make-up on her boobs, lips, face, etc. TinaThese two were the stars of a bunch of TV shows in the 70s and early 80s. They were married, but the two of them were not happy together and were never really together, despite their high social status. Robert WagnerBefore she started her career in the 80s, Sharon Stone was married to a movie actor that shed met in high school. A guy who was always trying to get with her in bed The pair stayed married for several years, but eventually Sharon got fed up with her husband and was not shy about getting a divorce from him. James GarnerThe pair of them made their movie debuts together in 1976, but the two of them never made any permanent progress in the relationship. Garner went on to marry his third wife, and Evangelista married her manager. Johnny McDaidThese two had a long-term relationship and were never married. Turner didnt give birth to her first child until 1992, and by that time she was more famous than McDaid. They had been together for several years and were very popular, but there was always a rivalry between them. Tom CruiseThese two have been together for about twelve years and have had a handful of children together. Even though they have been a couple, there have been times where they have bickered and put each other down. 25 million to his children for child support, Michael Jackson was back in the music industry and working with a new team. He met the then-15-year-old Mariah Carey and started a new relationship with her. They remained with the new relationship for a few years before splitting up. Charles SchulzBoth of them were born in 1897, but after the end of their relationship, they had a falling out due to a number of disagreements. It was only after the couple was back together in the early 2000s that they were able to start working together again. Brad PittAfter their relationship was over, the two of them had a falling out due to.

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