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If you like American culture, you will find some interesting ideas in these things. You need money more than ever. You tell them they should probably leave the socialist discussion to the government workers like them. They soon leave and your mind is soon filled with thoughts of the socialist people, who is important to you, and of course yourself, who would want to spend more time with those people. When the meeting comes up you do the same thing the rest of them have done. Re sorry and that you need their help. You explain to them about the time you almost fell off a cliff and how you almost drowned. S seen worse and assures you that this stuff is not the norm and that some things are worth saving. You spend the rest of the day and night thinking about them and being worried about the situation. Re not going to let them let you down. Ve had a lot to think about today and so you get up. You quickly grab some food and take it into the meeting room. T eat something at least before the meeting starts, they might as well just adjourn immediately. The meeting starts and you explain to everyone about the situation with the surface and what YOU think should be done about it. Even more people are interested in wanting to join the party. The meeting is just getting started and the first person to mention the surface is hostile, is dismissed as an attention seeker.

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