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Tried to pick a few posts that arent about makeup and the like, but I cant. 138 talk contribsSorry, but theres no better list for best makeup websites than those mentioned in this discussion. And please, no personal best lists, such as your own. Id love to see a list of the websites that you read on a regular basis and rely on for the latest gossip about the beauty world, as youve mentioned. Lola Fannin, talk, 23:06, Aug, UTC, Lola, I think I should do one, but Im afraid I simply dont have the time to do so. I usually look at my phone a lot more than I used to and I dont really spend as much time lurking into beauty news sites as I used to. Krystilia, talk, 04:13, Septem, UTC, Im glad to see that youre taking your advice and youre adding my name. :, You should add meOh you should add me. And I should know since Im one of those people. KikiKan, talk, 02:08, Septem, UTC, Im glad to see that you added me too. :, Oh hey I just noticed your name now and I guess I need to add you. KikiKan, talk, 22:56, Aug, UTC, Wow, I wonder how many times Ive added you. And yet youre still lurking and lurking and lurking. Im surprised I havent had you remove your account.

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