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I guess thats what gives them their entire identity. As you continue to listen to the audio, you see more and more celebrities with their ears pierced. Some of those you see are:John Mayer,Celine Dion,Johnny Depp,Sofia Coppola,Jennifer Connelly,Seth Green, andKelsey Grammer. They are all there, although, at first, you dont recognize any of them. It starts out with Jennifer Connellys ears pierced. At the beginning, you think that you are just hearing another celebrity telling you about his or her life, but soon, all of them start talking about their own experiences with piercings. You like a lot of the storiesYou like all of the stories that some of the celebrities mentioned. They are all telling you interesting stuff about how they got their piercings. Some of them say that they had no idea that having a piercing could have caused them to become famous, but one thing that they are sure about is that it helps them to stand out from other people. Another thing that they all agree on is that everyone should not get piercing that is so big that it would make them feel like they are a walking celebrity billboard. You grab a bottle of wine and head to the living room. While you were lost in thought, Jennifer suddenly yells at you to shut the fuck up before stomping off towards the kitchen.

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