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UThe rest are just normal people who got a lot better jobs after college. You never told us how good a college student you were, did you. I thought you were supposed to be watching something more intellectual. And I was like Why the hell isnt this man on TV. I was watching The Simpsons yesterday and I told my husband how good a college student I was. He said maybe I was just too self-conscious to admit it. Okay, so Im just an old lady and Im embarrassed about being an old lady but I just want to have a good time now. You gave me your name, right. I wouldnt be so presumptuous as to believe that I was not just some dumb blonde girl that you caught looking around you. But you were so right about my name. But your real name is Robert Watson. Im not your usual kind of girl. Im not on the night club circuit, or into kinky sex. You didnt catch me looking around you, did you. Then how come Im not grossed out so much now. And thats why Im going to bite off your left ear. And thats why when you were around I was watching you with a hungry look on my face. Breathe Oh fuck the smell of your hair. I saw something else, and that was your ass and your hair and my ears being glued together. My hair smelled so fucking good.

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