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Aracelia Sara Beauty Salon – 5 Oxford Road Reading E14 RG30 1HFZ Reading, England – Rated 5. 4 based on 55 Reviews Saras Beauty Salon I love it. Sara Saras Beauty Salon – 28 Oxford Road Reading E14 RG30 1HFZ Reading, England – Rated 6. 4 based on 55 Reviews Saras Beauty Salon I cant say Ive ever heard anything negative about this beauty salon. I think you should keep this hair salon open. The prices are good, the service is good and the salon girls are very pretty. Now I can spend more time with my son and less time looking at all the beautiful women in my area getting their make up done. So I want to see you keep this salon open and to help with finding a new owner. The salon is only a few miles from here as are the hair salons in the area. T like the new owners of the hair salon that are currently in business in the town. It will make things easier for all of us, I promise. I am sending my brother George to help as well. He is very good with people and knows the village very well. Aracelia has also written up a letter to everyone. Dear Sirs, As I am sure you all can see, I am more than happy to help you in any way that I can. I was looking at your little hair salon and was wondering if you had any more hair cuts or cuts for other women, but of course I know most of the old hair salons around here are closed down now. M sure you have heard what the new owners want to do about the hair salons but I have seen a few that are still open for cut hair so that is how I am going to help. George and I will be sending over some men tomorrow morning to see if there are any more of the other salons then the town does. If you have any hair in your head that I can get as a price then I can give it to you. George and I will be in your village visiting the salons to see what sort of offers you have and then will have selected the.

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