Hollywood is full of hot men, and in fact, being extremely …

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And you see some guy in a mask that you think is a terrorist. T know there was a band doing this in town. T exactly have the same impact as your two bandmates, but you do have a following. Re the one who thinks this One Direction chick is hot. You obviously went out of your way to meet her. Well your girlfriend is obviously a fan of your music. You should have at least been given the benefit of the doubt. The one who went out of her way to meet me. T like my music, never met her. M not the stupid ass you think I am. Look, maybe you should just leave her be. T see you going around flirting with everyone you meet, but maybe you should get to know them a bit better first. T want to hang out with some whiny teenage girl. Re the one who said you would like to meet them.

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