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You take the opportunity and get out of thereYou can leave, but you dont really want to. Sure there are people like Amanda or Amandas friend, Cindy, who can help you out, but you know that at the end of the day you cant really count on that. You just dont really like not having anything to do. You wonder what would happen if you actually just gave up. In the back of your mind you are wondering if you should try your luck at a cheap motel or something, but then you remember you are on the road right now and this whole trip is pretty uneventful. You arent sure if you want to take the chance of being a victim of a crime or you just dont have the money right now on a motel. Chapter 3By the time you made it to the last town of the state of Florida, you werent feeling as hungry as you would like to be. You still couldnt stop thinking about Amanda though. If only you could see her, she would probably be having a better time than you are now since she was staying in different motel than you were. She really was just your biggest fan and she really would have helped you out if only she lived. You dont know why you keep thinking like that, you have no idea how much time has passed, but you were only able to get a little bit drunk this night and since all you could afford was a bottle of wine you got a little carried away. While you were having your little revelry, you were approached and talked with by a woman dressed a bit drab. She looked like she was in her late twenties or early thirties. However she was pretty friendly and even gave you a little money for your trouble. She even led you to the door and said you could leave, but you told her you had plans to walk to the next town. You made your way towards the next town and the woman with her. You knew right then and there that you were going to see her again no matter where you ended up. You had no idea what the hell you were hoping to happen, but she didnt really have any time for this bullshit anyway. You ask her if her name was Amanda. You were pretty surprised to see that the woman did know your name since she was just so friendly to you, but then again you didnt really have much time so you didnt really want to talk too much with her either.

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