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The sexiest video on the internet is a clip from a British soap called The Big Breakfast. It is a fairly popular soap in the UK, and features a number of popular British stars. The clip features the attractive actress being undressed by several men and then having oral sex by a couple of men. It then ends with her taking a shower with the other men and the soap star. As you can see, the clip is definitely hot. You decide that the clip from the soap is the best choice for your video and you click play on the VCR. After a few moments, you hear someone say, Whoa, that was way too hot. You dont respond, but instead you click the play button, and then watch the video. It is actually even hotter than the clip from the soap. You were sure that the clip from the soap was the best choice for your video. You open up your laptop and watch more of the clip. It appears that all the characters from the soap are now actually men. You start to laugh out loud and then think about how great it must have been having a girlfriend who actually had sex with you on a regular basis. You start to wonder how much of the content of the soap is true, and how much is just scripted by the producers. Then you notice that all the videos in this section are all the same: naked actors having sex with each other or other naked actors. You wonder if the producers all have the same taste in women, and how much they all know about you. Then you wonder how long you can resist the temptation to send a few of your favorite moments to your girlfriend. Then you wonder if you should actually let your girlfriend know about the nature of the material you watch, and if the producers really are making all this up as they go along. Then you get a sudden sense of urgency. Maybe you shouldnt waste any more time with these videos. It is the result of all these recent developments in your life. You should probably head to the bathroom immediately. You go to the bathroomYou head to the bathroom and then you start to take a shower, but just then you realize that you dont want to go to the bathroom just yet. In fact, you are so exhausted that going to the bathroom is one of the first things youre going to do after you fall asleep. So you decide to stay in the shower until you have gone to sleep. You finally get comfortable in the shower and then you close the door, turning the water on full blast. You turn the water temperature down just a little bit and then you close your eyes and sink down into the water.

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