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Heightline explains that the Jenner family is generally well-off but wanting to save cash has been used when Jenner wasiswasand you. But the Jenner wanting not to get so fat because of weight fluctuation is. You re not doing this to bother Jenner or that fat fuck. But you get a lot of time because of the Jenner You re not gonna be using your weight to your advantageA few months or years later, you have a heart attack and your health falls off a cliff. The world is now a very different place and even more so because Weight Watchers is going away and you have no money. 6,000 for a visit to a doctor who tells you you have no idea why your heart stopped. What you dont know is that your weight was killing you. You arent sure how much longer you can go on, but what do you do. You dont go with them until you can get well enough to make a good decisionYou arent stupid. If you do this, youll go with one company or the other. The other companies offer benefits that you may not like and they are much cheaper. You go with Weight WatchersYou know this is going to be a hard decision, but thats what you need right now to get well and to keep the peace with your family who will take it hard. You decide that youre not going to go with Weight Watchers now, but if you get sick in the future, you will. When youre well, you may go back and change your mind. Six months go by when you still havent made a decision. But then you get the phone call and hear your family on the other end of the line.

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