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Id say youre a germaphobe, you say. Well, that explains why you kept your clothes on last time when you were in the shower, you say. Oh, I wash my own clothes, Germ says. You say defensively, realizing you just gave him the wrong idea, and realizing that his idea of a germaphobic person is you. Yeah, well theres a difference between not washing your clothes and not changing them. Im trying to be more environmentally friendly, you say. I mean I know for a fact theres no way a toilet seat could ever be contaminated with the poop of a thousand strangers. If it was, that seat would be dirty for a million of a people, you say. Theres no way the water could be contaminated, either. I wouldnt bathe in that stream for weeks on end, Germ points out. Well if you use the shower for washing up, youre taking that assumption, and throwing it out the window. A shower is a lot more dirty, if you know what I mean. And yes, I know you have a laundry room in your house where you hang your clothes. Of course that also means your clothes are getting laundered, since you have a washing machine. And lets not forget the fact that laundry washes clothes, which means other people are probably touching those clothes. Theres a good chance other germs will be on those clothes from multiple people touching and from other people who touched them while they were not-washed. Youre a hell of a lot more realistic than I thought, Germ says. Ive just never heard of the use of lotion or make up remover. Well, I suppose youd have to be at least a bit squeamish to just not use anything as simple as shampoo, right. Soap and make up remover are very gross, because I dont need any sort of germs on my face and.

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