However, some celebrities are not only aware of germs …

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Somebrities are just lucky to not have, are, t had to deal with germs. And that is why many celebrities have not used their celebrity status to promote or advertise any of the various anti-stomach-toxins products available over the world. Many Celebrities are also Drug Addicts too. Many of them are also addicted to their drugs of choice. Many of them probably use their celebrity status and wealth and fame to get drugs, not only from other celebrities, but from street dealers too. Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous Actor, Actor and Model, and one of the most successful film stars in history. Leo DiCaprios fans would probably like Leonardo DiCaprio if he just would stop spending all of his money on drugs and start acting in good movies like he does in The Aviator. Leo DiCaprio is about to become a complete junkie junkie junkie junkie, because Leo DiCaprio also drinks a lot of Red Bull. Leo DiCaprio is also addicted to other drugs. I can go on and on about all of Leo DiCaprios addictions. What happens to all the money Leo DiCaprio has made by being an Actor and Model. Leo DiCaprios addiction is ruining his future as an actor and model. Leo DiCaprios future as an Actor and Model is now completely in the past. Leo DiCaprio can only become a Sex Offender because of his other addictions. Leo DiCaprio can only become a Racist because of his other addictions. Leo DiCaprio can only become a Murderer because of his other addictions. If Leo DiCaprio had really tried to stop drinking, smoking, and doing all of the drugs hes addicted to, he would probably be on the winning side of this war against stomach bugs. Leo DiCaprio would be able to have another successful career and be able to spend his money the way he wants to spend it, or he could spend it the way he SHOULD spend it, in his fight against stomach bugs.

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