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The rest of the day was filled with a lot of small talk with other residents and you were surprised to hear that not all of them were as familiar with the area as you. Apparently your knowledge of the area was enough to cause them to go back to the inn and enjoy the rest of their days. You were starting to feel a little guilty that you werent spending more time with your family, but then you reminded yourself of your real feelings. You were an orphan who had nothing even remotely resembling a family and as a result had little to no interest in doing so. The more you thought about it, the more you felt like spending more time with your family. Even if you ever did find a family, where would they be living and how many. What if the orphanages were all closed now and never reopened. Would you even be able to find a place to live. The world was so chaotic and the future was so uncertain that it was nice to spend some time with your family. You spent the rest of the day sitting in your room, thinking. After a couple of hours, you decided to head downstairs and see if you could find out more about your family again. You looked through the rooms of the inn and finally stumbled upon your familys room. It was a spare room, so it wasnt as nice as your own, but it was better than some of the places you were currently staying at. Looking around at the various paintings on the walls and looking through the various books you could find on the table, you started to wonder if there were any clues here about your family. You eventually found a book on the table and flipped through it. You began to read through the book and the more you read, the angrier you became. The world was dying and even at its core, there was no joy on the face of it. The people were miserable and the suffering was all around you. The entire world was dying right now and you were just one human in it. Eventually, you had to stop reading the book and head upstairs to your room to fall asleep. When you woke up the next morning, you quickly checked through the windows and saw that sun was still up. You went through the rooms again and eventually found your own room, which was just as empty as the rest of the inn. You made your way back down, down, down and then you realized it might be the perfect time to leave. You could still spend the rest of your time with your family, but you probably wouldnt find them.

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