I died for beauty but was scarce

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You begin to ponder whether you should say more, before the woman finally says, Thank you for today. You give her a last look, and then head off to the entrance of the cave. S walking in the same direction as you and even seems to be looking at everything in the cave in turn. M trying to figure out a way of getting to the surface from here. T you just use the magic portal. D rather use the magic portal to go where my father used to make his home. The woman begins to speak more, but stops. Instead, she slowly turns around and walks out of the cave. T wait too long before you follow. The first thing that catches your attention is the air is much cleaner where you were. T notice any dirt or other such things. Re at a small stream just a few feet from a large rock outcrop. S a path leading down from the rock outcrop to another path which leads to the stream. T answer, instead he just continues to watch the two of you. But I can find a place here somewhere. M not sure if my people can accept me now. You could just leave and leave your home behind.

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