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ThelmaShare on FacebookWere not even allowed to see the footage yet, but the police say that they found something suspicious while searching the house, so now theyre going to arrest the couple for criminal trespassing. But wait, what if they havent actually done anything wrong. Thats the argument that one couple is making in a federal lawsuit, one of the lawsuits that weve previously covered. Check out our stories on the one case that involves a New Jersey law enforcement officer and the other which involves a New Mexico private security firm In this case, the couple is claiming that the New Jersey State Police falsely arrested them for trespassing. According to the complaint, they just drove over to the house to pick up a friend who was staying there temporarily before moving on to their own home. The couple apparently tried to call the New Jersey police, but as you might expect, that call was also recorded. That recording, which you can listen to above, shows a New Jersey State Police trooper saying that the couple was driving over to the house with no license, no car insurance, no vehicle registration, no vehicle title and no other insurance cards here. The couple then says the troopers then went to the house to conduct a welfare check, which means the troopers were conducting an investigation of sorts into whether or not the people inside were living in a house illegally. Thats when the couple says they were then arrested. The arrest of the Plaintiff and his companion was completely without probable cause and the Plaintiff and his companion are entitled to all the protections that the due process and Fourth Amendment of United States are afforded, said Brian Olinger, the lead attorney on the case.

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