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Enter your email address to get the list of songs. In the midst of a presidential campaign and in the middle of a national election, many parents are having a hard time getting their concerns to register with either candidate. To add to this complexity, parents are having to make difficult decisions on issues that have no connection to their kids futures, like which candidate they want to send to war. While there are many who advocate for and for against the war in Iraq, I have a hard time relating to the latter position. I believe that our military involvement in the Middle East has not only had catastrophic results, but is one of the major reasons why terrorism is so prevalent today. The Iraq War, in turn, was a major part of why terrorism was created. Weve seen terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and others attempt to capitalize off of the chaos in Iraq. All of them were created as a result of the US invasion of the Middle East. Its no secret that the US invaded Iraq based on the belief that Saddam was attempting to obtain weapons of mass destruction, WMD While this was a major reason for the invasion, it was only one of many. While I dont advocate a full-scale invasion of Afghanistan or even Iran, we do have to question why we are in Afghanistan at all. After all, we invaded Iraq based on the same belief that Saddam was trying to acquire WMD. It also doesnt make sense, when we have the people trained for these jobs in Germany, the US government actually had to import them and get them trained why were in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan War has had many unexpected consequences, namely, weve had to kill many innocent people, including our own troops. We killed over 100,000 innocent Iraqis, mostly civilians. We knew this would happen, but in the process, we became very isolationist. We turned our back on the world by becoming isolationist. For decades now, we have relied on military force to solve issues around the world. Unfortunately, in the midst of this, weve also relied on a high-tech system for waging war rather than relying on the old-fashioned physical strength that our forefathers used to use. Since we need to go to war, we need to be prepared to wage it anywhere at anytime. So, we go to war, but only for simple and petty things. In the process, we have become a nation full of warmongers. Im not arguing that the only reason for the war in Iraq or Afghanistan was to kill terrorists. Im arguing that all of these wars, and the current conflict in the Middle East, were all in the name of the war on terror.

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