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I can watch this every day until I die. I think you need more than one day, a voice from the couch says, and the image fades to black. Well, I really want to, but my head hurts, you say, rolling over and grabbing a thick, purple pill from the bedside table. Someone from the couch asks, coming from the bathroom doorway. They can make you forget things. And you forgot you needed to feed baby, the woman from the couch says. You need to take a pill, you hear the woman say, and the door slams. You call Your MomMom, its me, Kevin, you say. Its hard to believe that just yesterday you were eating dinner in our restaurant where all the families gathered to discuss the next weeks events. And you really dont look like youre in any condition to be talking to us, either. Mom, you say, hoping that will get you some sort of answer. You can talk to us later, OK. Mom, I dont really want to call you back until I can see you again, you say. Well, youll have to if you want to see us, she says. But its not going to be tomorrow or next week. We have to go now, you need to rest. You have no idea whats coming next. You call Your Brother-in-LawHey, get out of there, Kevin, your older brother Robert says. Your sister Sharon says, starting to cry. Your wife Brenda says, as she walks into the room. I thought I was calling your brother-in-law, you say. Kevin, you cant just make up the phone number.

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